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And we thought last year was a doozy… in un-Christmas-like spirit, The Palace Hotel is doing renovations this holiday season and they didn’t put up their tree! Which left our little tradition up in the air. 

all c/o Vineyard Vines

I think I’ve been brainstorming back and forth with Allie since November trying to find a tree anywhere from NYC to Westchester to Fairfield. Just something that would do for the year. And boy, was it a difficult task. Trying to find a tree, outside, on the ground (so fake), without rope/barricades around it, big enough to take photos with, and preferably with ornaments so it would look decorated during the day. Come to find that they’re not as plentiful as you’d think!

What we thought was a great tree outside, was actually a tree in a lobby of an office building… So we got shooed out of there just as quickly as we came in. Between that, scheduling issues, and COVID worries (everyone in NYC has it right now — and as a pregnant lady I wanted to keep my exposure small), the shoot almost didn’t happen multiple times over.

But I was persistent. Not only is it one of my favorite traditions, but it’s a special year since we’re pregnant! I was 26 weeks to the day when we shot this — which is just two weeks away from my third trimester — and the bump is here and ready to stay. 

So we walked over to Hudson Yards and snapped away. I love the area for the holidays and I think it turned out to be a really cute and festive background. It’s also a nod to our old neighborhood that we said goodbye to just a year ago — look how much has changed!

I also ended up pushing my outfit picks until the last minute since it seems I’m growing by the day right now. I have no idea what size I am in anything! So I went to a local Vineyard Vines store and tried on a few options. I almost went with this dress, but with how it was cut, you could barely tell I was showing. I thought it’s really now or never to show off this bump — so I opted for some festive (and really nice and thick!) leggings that did the trick.
Just like it’s fun to look back on the years we got engaged, or married, or moved out of the city, it will be fun to look back on this year not only pregnant but also as the last year it’s just the two of us! Next year we hope to have a little precious baby boy in our hands and have him join in on the tradition each year (tell me this little button-up isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen). Maybe we can make a day out of it and take him around the sights in the city for the holiday. Whatever the plan ends up being, I know it’ll be magical.

We’re also not doing any kind of maternity shoot for this pregnancy (I just don’t think it’s really ‘me’) so it’s great that we’ll have these photos to look back on of the two of us during this time. 

Here’s to an easier(???) shoot next year!

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Photos by Allie at prêt-à-provost


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